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Discover the advice and tips of an expat in Tokyo. On this blog, you will also find recommendations for organizing your trip to Japan and information on Japanese culture and language.

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I toured 6 kilometers from the Fukushima nuclear power plant

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Capsule hotels in Tokyo: How to choose the best pod for you

About Michaël, the author of this blog

I am Michaël, a French who moved to Tokyo in 2016. I work in digital marketing for Japanese and foreign companies. Before that, I already visited Japan several times as a tourist.

Like many people of my generation, my childhood was influenced by Japanese video games and anime. Even if I do not claim to be an “Otaku”, it is certainly this early exposure to the Japanese pop culture that explains my long-standing interest for this country.

In this blog I share as much information as possible about the Japanese archipelago and its culture. My goal is to help you prepare for your stay in the Land of the Rising Sun, whether it’s a short trip or an expatriation. I sincerely hope that my blog posts and those written by my friends will help you make your project in Japan happen.

Michaël da Silva Paternoster
Prepare your

Travel in Japan

I have traveled the Japanese archipelago since 2013. Follow my recommendations to organize your trip to Japan without stress. You can also set your route with my travel budget simulator.

1. Tokyo

The ultra-modern capital city of Japan is the most popular destination for foreign tourists.

2. Kyoto

The ancient imperial capital city will introduce you to Japanese traditions.

3. Osaka

The largest city of Kansai is renowned for its friendliness and street food.

Realize your dream

Live in Japan

I met many expats since I moved to Tokyo. What I can tell you is that there is not only one way to live in Japan. Read my articles and those of my friends to discover how you too could achieve your Japanese dream.

My tips to

Learn Japanese

At first glance, Japanese language courses may seem complicated. Still, grammar is significantly easier than in many other languages. That’s why I provide many tips that will allow you to start or progress in your Japanese learning.

All you need to know about

Japanese culture

Japanese culture is extremely complex. It is at the same time rooted in its traditions and turned towards the future and the modernity. Read my articles and those of my friends to discover more about ancestral traditions and Japanese popular culture.