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I am Michaël. On Nipponrama, I share everything you need to know to go to Japan or live your love for Japanese culture.

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My blog posts are grouped into four broad categories related to Japan and its culture. So that future travelers, expatriates, fans of anime or students learning Japanese language can find topics that interest them on Nipponrama.

Prepare your

Trip to Japan

I have traveled in Japan extensively since 2013. Follow my traveling tips, destinations recommendations and itineraries to easily organize your trip in this stunning country.

Make your dream come true,

Live in Japan

There is no clear pattern for moving to Japan. Read my articles and those of my friends to discover how you could fulfill your dream.

Know everything about the

Japanese culture

Japanese culture is extremely complex. It is influenced by strong ancestral traditions and turned towards the future, technology, and modernity.

My tips to learn.

Japanese lessons

At first, Japanese language is hard to grasp. On this blog, I share tips and information that will help you learn this language faster.

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Michaël da Silva Paternoster est l'auteur français du blog sur le Japon, Nipponrama. Sur cette photo, il se trouve à Sengokuhara, dans la préfecture de Kanagawa.
Who is the author of this blog ?

Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Blogger in Japan and digital marketing expert

Michaël is a Frenchman living in Tokyo since 2016. He works in Japan as a manager and consultant in digital marketing. Like many other western millennials, his childhood was influenced by Japanese culture. It’s this interest in this country that he pushed him to travel there and settle there.

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