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Ryokans in Kanazawa

Discover my selection of 8 ryokans in Kanazawa. Book a room in one of these traditional hotels for an authentic experience.
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What is Otaku culture?

Otaku culture has conquered the world in just a few decades. It has become one of the main components of Japan’s cultural radiance. Despite this resounding success, few people are [...]
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Himeji castle: the white heron keep

Himeji Castle is one of the most beautiful Japanese castles to standstill today. Nicknamed the white heron castle after the colors of its facades, its keep is the largest wooden [...]
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Ema: Japanese prayers plates

Emas, written 絵馬 in Japanese, are wooden plates used in Shinto rites. Believers write wishes on it, in the hope that they will be realized. Ema can be found in [...]
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Takeshita-dori: the main street of Harajuku

Takeshita-dori is the most popular (and most crowded) street in the Harajuku district. It is known for being the heart of the Kawaii culture in Tokyo. Takeshita-dori, literally “street under [...]
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The best hostels in Nagasaki

Looking for cheap accommodation in Nagasaki? Here’s my selection of the best hostels in this Kyushu city. Nagasaki has many tourist attractions that require more than a day’s visit. Personally, [...]
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