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Hello! I'm Michaël. Welcome on Nipponrama, my blog about Japan.

Discover everything about Japan with me!

I’m a French guy living in Tokyo, where I work as a digital marketing manager and consultant for several years now. I’ve decided to share my travel recommendations and various tips to help people settle in Japan. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog, and I’m at your disposal if you have any question regarding Japan.

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They talked about Nipponrama
Nipponrama is

A blog about Japan and its culture

On this blog, I write on all kinds of topics related to Japan. Thus, I hope my articles will answer your questions, and they’ll make you want to visit this country.

Tourism in Japan

How to prepare your trip to Japan in a few hours

In addition to living in Tokyo, I’ve been traveling throughout Japan since 2013. Follow my travel tips and my itineraries to organize your trip to this wonderful country.

Popular destinations

Tokyo, modernity and pop culture
Kyoto, remains of the Japanese traditions
Osaka, human warmth and urban cuisine
Kanagawa, culture and nature
Nara, the deer playground
You can achieve your dream

All you need to know before moving to Japan

There are many ways to live in Japan. In this category, I describe the various visas that can allow you to achieve your Japanese dream. I also give you tips that will help you settle down here.

Things to know before you go

Accommodation, find an apartment in Japan
Work, find a job in Japan
Visa in Japan, live with what legal status
Transportation, move within Japan
Between tradition and modernity

Discover the diversity of Japanese culture

Japanese culture is very complex. It’s marked by old traditions while continually innovating with new technology and processes. I invite you to learn more about these different cultural aspects in this category.

Japanese arts

Manga and Japanese anime
Video games, from Mario to Japanese RPG
Music, J-Pop and other musical genres
History, from samurais to robots
Start your classes now

My tips for learning Japanese language effectively

It’s challenging to learn Japanese. Most students don’t know where to start. In this category, I share tips that will help you learn this language faster.

Where to start?

Hiragana, syllabary for Japanese words
Katakana, syllabary for foreign words
Kanji, ideograms of Chinese origin
Common expressions you must know

Recent updates

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Ryokans in Kanazawa
Ryokan in Takayama : the 6 best traditional hotels in Hida-Takayama 1024 683 Michaël da Silva Paternoster
Ryokan in Takayama : the 6 best traditional hotels in Hida-Takayama
Share houses in Yokohama 800 600 Aileen Cuaresma
Share houses in Yokohama

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