Wired Tokyo 1999: a bookstore-bar in Shibuya

Wired Tokyo 1999: a bookstore-bar in Shibuya

Wired Tokyo 1999: a bookstore-bar in Shibuya 1140 585 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Wird Tokyo 1999 is a cozy bar close to the Shibuya station. With hundreds of magazines and vinyls on the walls, only few facilities can claim to offer such an atmosphere to their clients.

When arriving for the first time at the Shibuya crossing, most tourists only see four things: the crowd, the giant screens, the statue of Hachiko and Starbucks. Moreover, many tourist guides extol the merits of the view offered by the American coffeshop. Strangely, none of them speaks of an institution that is higher in the same building and is equally noteworthy: Wired Tokyo 1999.

Lights of Wired Tokyo 1999

Subdued lighting, magazines galore, it’s the atmosphere.

Wired Tokyo 1999 is a bar located in a bookstore. To be more specific, the walls of the bars are in fact Tsutaya‘s bookshelves. This large store selling cultural products covers most floors of the Q-Front, the famous building of the Shibuya crossing.

So you will find in this magical place, magazines and vinyls on the walls and shelves. This greatly contributes to the cozy atmosphere of the bar, as well as the eclectic and soft music, soft lighting and dark wood furnishings. There, we almost feel like in a trendy library.

Bar of Wired Tokyo 1999

You may have to waiting for your turn, the bar is often full.

With so many assets, it is not surprising to have to wait to be able to lean on the bar. But Wired Tokyo 1999 worth a few minutes wait. Especially because nothing prevents you to take a tour in the Tsutaya’s shelves to let pass the time. Just do not forget to register at the terminal located between the bar and elevator. Indeed, this machine defines the queue.

What we thought of Wired Tokyo 1999

You will have understood, Wired Tokyo 1999 is a popular place among locals, and this is not for nothing. The overall atmosphere of the bar is really pleasant and the prices are not outrageous either. This is typically the kind of place I could come alone, with friends, coworkers or in couple.


People stop to Wired Tokyo 1999, to take a drink, read their book or chat with friends.

It is a pity that most tourists pass only few meters from Wired Tokyo 1999 without knowing it. All because tourist guides do not mention the existence of this place.

If you are in Shibuya in the early evening or on a rainy day, and you do not know what to do, try to go to Wired Tokyo 1999. I guarantee you will not regret it.

How to get to Wired Tokyo 1999?

Wired Tokyo 1999 is located in the same building as Shibuya crossing’s Starbucks and Tsutaya. You will need to enter the Tsutaya to take the elevator and go to the 7th floor.

Obviously, the nearest station is Shibuya Station, which is just 100 meters from this cozy bar. If you arrive by JR or Keio line, the simplest is to take the Hachiko exit and cross the intersection. However, if you arrive by a Tokyo Metro line, you will have less trouble finding the exit 6-2, which is just at the doorstep of the building.

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