Nipponrama is a webzine that talks about Japan and japanese pop culture. We aim to cover as much topics related to Japan as possible while keeping a critical mind and trying not to over-embellish the land of the rising sun.

In the longer term, we would like to make this site a reference for finding good places in Tokyo, and more generally in the rest of Japan.


Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Fan of video games since I was two years old. I was raised in France, and a little in Portugal. I developed an addiction to Japan after my first trip to the land of the rising sun, in 2013.

Bastien Mosur

Like green, public transport, amber beers. Do not like beets, rain, orange items.

Juan Pablo D. Diaz

Live in Japan for slightly more than a year, he rules over weird plans. Can transform a “Meh” party into a “Whatever… Let’s try it” party.

Bi Lai

Vietnamese-Bostonian. Enjoys basketball, coffee, and bicycle. Appreciates art and other high-brow things in life.