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Eiichiro Oda

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Production Years
1997, on going.

Toei Animation and TV Tokyo.

One Piece synopsis

Luffy, a young boy living on a peaceful island, dreams of becoming the King of Pirates. To do this, he must find the treasure hidden by the greatest pirate Gol D. Roger: the One Piece.

One day, a pirate named Shanks acostates in the port of Luffy’s village. The hero sympathizes with Shanks’ crew, and comes to eat a demon fruit on their ship. These fruits give powers to those who eat them. Thus, Luffy becomes a “rubber man”, able to expand his limbs as he pleases. A little later, Shanks decides to go sailing to new horizons, but gives his straw hat to young Luffy. He must return it only when he becomes a proud pirate.

The story of One Piece truly begins years later, when Luffy leaves his village to form a crew and find the greatest treasures. There follow many adventures where our hero will meet many colorful characters who will join him in his quest.

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Season 1

Detailed list of season 1 episodes of One Piece available soon.

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