Shin Kanzen Master: JLPT N3 Kanji

Product overview: Shin Kanzen Master: JLPT N3 Kanji is the perfect study tool for students who are aiming to pass the JLPT N3. This book covers all the kanji needed for the exam and is an essential guide for anyone wanting to improve their Japanese language skills. Concise and straightforward explanations make learning complex kanji easy, while helpful practice exercises ensure that students retain what they have learned.

With everything you need to know in one volume, Shin Kanzen Master: JLPT N3 Kanji is the ultimate resource for anyone striving to succeed on the JLPT N3.

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More about "Shin Kanzen Master: JLPT N3 Kanji"

Do you already know the 300 kanji required to pass the JLPT N4? Take the next step with this textbook from the Shin Kanzen Master series!

This book is designed to continue your learning of the kanji by explaining how to use them. The book’s examples will help you to understand in which contexts or expressions they can be used. The kanji are grouped into lessons based on characteristics they share. This format should help you remember them better.

Each lesson indicates the different on’yomi and kun’yomi readings of the kanji studied. Also, you will find a summary of the kanji learned at JLPT N5 and N4 levels.

You can get this book even if you don’t plan to pass JLPT N3. Indeed, it is a good method for learning intermediate-level kanji.

Key features

All the JLPT N3 kanji and more: In 25 chapters, you will study 354 kanji at level N3 plus 88 kanji from earlier levels with alternate reading. It is intended to help you memorize the kanji used in the statement and to help you comprehend how it is employed in the expression as a whole.

Part 1 - Single kanji that form whole words: A single kanji can occasionally be used to create an entire word. In this chapter, you will learn which reading to apply when just one kanji is present and how to proceed while reading unfamiliar terms even when you are familiar with the kanji.

Part 2 - Kanji from which many words are derived: Understanding words you have never seen before can occasionally be made much easier with kanji knowledge. This chapter goes into detail about the value of learning the meanings of each individual kanji as well as how to handle words with several kanji that are unfamiliar to you.

Part 3 - Kanji used in context in political, economic or other contexts: As the chapter's name implies, you acquire kanji and terminology in this section that pertains to politics, the economy, as well as other subjects, including society, education, culture, and lifestyle.

Part 4 - Kanji with both on'yomi and kun'yomi to be learned: It is crucial to understand both the kun' and the on'yomi for many kanji. These characters and their readings are the main subjects of this chapter.

Part 5 - Kanji with many different readings: Are you still frightened by the enormous number of readings? By attempting to combine two or more of the kanji's many distinct readings into a single sentence, this chapter teaches you how to read kanji.

Mock tests: There are two practice exams at the end of the book that covers everything you learned. The format of the questions is identical to that of the test.

Key benefits

  • Learn how to use kanji in different contexts.
  • Get a summary of the kanji learned at JLPT N5 and N4 levels.
  • "Step up your game" and learn even more difficult kanji.
  • Feel proud of your achievements as you progress through the book.

More details

  • Japanese title: 新完全マスター漢字 日本語能力試験N3
  • Title transcribed in Latin characters: Shin Kanzen Masuta Kanji Nihongo Noryoku Shiken N3
  • Product series: Shin Kanzen Master
  • Publisher: 3A Corporation
  • Authors: Reiko Ishii (石井怜子), Katako Aoyagi (青柳方子), Eiko Suzuki (鈴木英子), Miho Takagi (髙木美穂), Ryoko Morita (森田亮子), Yoko Yamazaki (山崎洋子)
  • Pages: 115 pages, with supplements of 46 pages of kanji lists; vocabulary lists; etc..
  • Dimensions: B5
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