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Uta ST08-002 SR - One Piece Card Game [Japanese Card]


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Product overview:

Make your anime battles more powerful with the "Uta ST08-002 SR - One Piece Card Game [Japanese Card]", featuring 3000 B.P. and a cost −2 during your Main Phase. With a unique black coloring and unbeatable by Leaders, this Super Rare card is a must-have in any Film-faction fan's deck. Get ready to challenge your opponents and add this card to your collection today!

More about "Uta ST08-002 SR - One Piece Card Game [Japanese Card]"

Experience the powerful sides of anime with the "Uta ST08-002 SR - One Piece Card Game [Japanese Card]." Uta is the perfect pick for any Film-faction fans looking to strengthen their team. This Super Rare card stands out with its black coloring and unique attributes: it will never be K.O.'d in battle by Leaders. With an incredible 3000 B.P., it will surely be a challenging opponent to face. Rest your Character and give your opponent's Character a cost −2 during your Main Phase. Achieve a winning hand with the "Uta ST08-002 SR - One Piece Card Game [Japanese Card]". Add it to your deck today!

Key features

  • Set name: ST-08: Side Monkey D. Luffy
  • Type: Character
  • Color: Black
  • Rarity: SR (Super Rare)
  • Subtype: Film
  • Character on the card: Uta
  • Cost: 2
  • Power: 3000
  • Card text: このキャラはリーダーとのバトルでKOされない。 【起動メイン】このキャラをレストにできる:相手のキャラ1枚までを、このターン中、コスト-2。
  • Card text translation: This Character cannot be K.O.'d in battle by Leaders. [Activate: Main] You may rest this Character: Give up to 1 of your opponent's Characters −2 cost during this turn.

More details

  • Japanese title: ST08-002 SR ウタ
  • Product series: One Piece Card Game
  • Publisher: Cardass

10 in stock

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