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Japanese Language Misuse Dictionary


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The "Japanese Language Misuse Dictionary" is a small, essential Japanese dictionary that focuses on the critical points of the language. It includes thousands of example sentences to help you learn and use the language correctly.

More about "Japanese Language Misuse Dictionary"

The Japanese Language Misuse Dictionary is a much-needed resource for anyone teaching or learning Japanese. This compact dictionary contains 170 entries and 2720 example sentences, all arranged alphabetically for easy reference. The index makes it easy to find the entry you're looking for, and each entry is packed with useful information. Whether you're a teacher looking for a quick reference tool, or a student needing help with your studies, this dictionary is an essential addition to your language resources.

Key benefits

  • Easily find the entry you're looking for.
  • Packed with useful information.
  • Finally, understand the nuances of Japanese grammar.
  • Impress your friends and teachers with your language knowledge.

More details

  • Japanese title: 日本語誤用辞典 外国人学習者の誤用から学ぶ 日本語の意味用法と指導のポイント
  • Title transcribed in Latin characters: Nihongo goyō jiten gaikoku hito gakushū-sha no goyō kara manabu nihongo no imi yōhō to shidō no pointo
  • Publisher: 3A Corporation
  • Authors: Yasuko Ichikawa, Tomoki Asayama (浅山友貴), Misa Itai (板井美佐), Yoko Ota, Mariko Sakamoto (坂本まり子), Roko Sugimoto (杉本ろここ), Akio Soejima, Keiko Noda (野田景子), Tomoko Hongo (本郷智子), Tomoko Aramaki (荒巻朋子), Hitomi Tashiro (田代ひとみ)
  • Pages: 799 pages
  • Dimensions: A5

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