Authentic Japanese: Workbook

Product overview: Looking for a workbook that will help you learn authentic Japanese? Then check out our “Authentic Japanese: Workbook”! This workbook contains all the exercises from the “Authentic Japanese” collection to practice your Japanese skills at your own pace.

With our “Authentic Japanese: Workbook,” you can learn common Japanese phrases and expressions, as well as improve your listening and reading comprehension. Plus, all the exercises are written in both English and Japanese, so you can switch back and forth between languages as you please. So why wait? Get started on your Japanese learning journey today with our “Authentic Japanese: Workbook”!

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More about "Authentic Japanese: Workbook"

If you’re looking for a Japanese workbook that covers all the bases, look no further than Authentic Japanese. This workbook is chock-full of essential grammar points, conversation starters, and helpful exercises that will get you up to speed with the language in no time.

What sets Authentic Japanese apart from other workbooks on the market is its Authentic approach – meaning, all of the content is designed to mirror real-life Japanese as much as possible. So not only will you be drilling down on key grammar concepts, but you’ll also be gaining valuable exposure to how native speakers use the language in everyday situations.

With its straightforward layout and clear explanations, Authentic Japanese is an ideal tool for anyone serious about learning Japanese. So whether you’re a total beginner or you’ve been studying for a while and just need a brush-up, this workbook has everything you need to get ahead. Soon you’ll be speaking like a native in no time!

Key features

Japanese textbook that's perfect for advanced learners: With this textbook, you'll get a better understanding of the language and grammar points through different exercises. There are also free communication tasks based on unit themes that challenge your skills for use with what was learned in previous lessons! This makes it easier to see how much progress has been made towards achieving advanced-level understanding.

Answers provided: There are answers to all of the exercises in this book, and they're provided on perforated sheets. This makes them easy to remove so you can take your time with each problem without distractions!

Vocabulary practice: In order to improve your vocabulary, you can do two types exercises. The first one is reading kanji, and the second one writing them! They allow practice with the vocabulary in the “Before reading,” “Let's read,” and “After reading” sections of the manual.

Remember key expressions: The key expressions explained in the textbook are implemented using several types of exercises adapted to the content.

Developmental exercises These tasks expand on the topics in the manual and can be easily adapted to the needs of each class.

Key benefits

  • Gain exposure to authentic Japanese language usage.
  • Build your skills with helpful exercises.
  • Finally, understand how to speak Japanese the right way.
  • Impress your friends and family with your newfound fluency.

More details

  • Product series: Authentic Japanese
  • Publisher: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Osamu Kamada, Yukiko Okuno, Kumiko Kaneniwa, Michie Yamamori
  • Pages: 168 pages
  • Dimensions: JB5

Authentic Japanese: Workbook

¥ 3,700

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