Authentic Japanese: Textbook

Product overview: If you're an intermediate Japanese language student looking to take your skills to the next level, then look no further than "Authentic Japanese: Textbook"! This progressive book is designed to develop your communication skills and help you reach an advanced level of proficiency. With clear and concise explanations, ample practice opportunities, and real-world examples, this textbook is essential for anyone serious about mastering the Japanese language. Order your copy today and start speaking like a native in no time!

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More about "Authentic Japanese: Textbook"

This textbook helps intermediate-level students achieve an advanced level of Japanese by comprehensively developing their communication skills. Users work through readings of everyday life that are stimulating but not frustrating. Then they can discuss and write summaries on these written materials to further their Japanese language learning.

Key features

Learn about the fascinating country of Japan: Japan is a fascinating country that has something to offer everyone. From the ancient traditions and culture to modern technology, in addition to being an exotic getaway destination for tourists from all over the world - there isn't anything this island nation can't do! This course will help you learn about some aspects of Japanese society so that when your wife or husband graduates high school, they have more knowledge than just how many years are left until graduation.

Learn authentic Japanese from real-life texts: The reading materials are taken from real-life texts and have not been simplified for students. You are, therefore, totally immersed in using this book.

Learn to read, write, and speak the language effectively: Topics, vocabulary, and kanji have been selected to help intermediate-level students reach the levels necessary to pass the JLPT N2 and N1 diplomas. Alternatively, you can simply use them to improve your Japanese language skills.

Learn at your own pace with our self-paced lessons: Each lesson is structured in the same way. They begin with an introduction followed by the text to be read. Once the student has read the text, several questions and explanations will be given to check that the student has understood the text. In particular, the student will be asked to give his or her opinion on specific topics related to what he or she has just read. Then, he will find a list of Japanese grammar expressions and points at the upper intermediate level. Finally, the lesson ends with grammar and vocabulary exercises.

Key benefits

  • Learn to speak Japanese like a native.
  • Develop your communication skills.
  • Gain proficiency in an important business language.
  • Impress your boss and colleagues with your fluency in Japanese.
  • Travel to Japan and use your skills to converse with locals.
  • Be the envy of all your friends with your amazing language skills!

More details

  • Product series: Authentic Japanese
  • Publisher: The Japan Times
  • Authors: Osamu Kamada, Fusako Beuckmann, Yoshiko Tomiyama, Machiko Yamamoto
  • Pages: 276 pages, with supplements of 89 pages of audio material
  • Dimensions: JB5

Authentic Japanese: Textbook

¥ 6,200

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