1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5

Product overview: Whether you're just starting out on your Japanese language learning journey or you're getting ready to take on the JLPT N5 exam, this book is essential for you! It includes 1000 of the most common Japanese vocabulary words, grouped together in ten chapters based on daily life themes. There's also readings for all of the kanji characters that appear, plus audio files with example sentences for every vocabulary word. So don't wait any longer, get this book and start learning those essential Japanese vocabulary words today!

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More about "1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5"

If you’re looking to pass the JLPT N5 exam, this essential vocabulary book is a must-have in your Japanese language learning toolbox. Covering common words and phrases themed around daily life in Japan it’s the perfect way to start building up your Japanese vocabulary.

The book is divided into ten chapters, each covering a different aspect of Japanese culture and life, from work and hobbies to shopping and health. Not only does it feature readings for all the kanji characters that appear, but there’s also a link to audio files containing every vocabulary word with an example sentence. Plus, a handy red plastic sheet is included that allows you to test your retention of the lesson words as you go.

So why wait? Get started on your Japanese journey today with 1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5.

Key features

The 1000 most common words in Japanese: Are you interested in studying Japanese? Perhaps you're planning to take the JLPT N5 exam? Either way, you will need to know a lot of vocabulary to be successful. And that is where “1000 Essential Vocabulary for the JLPT N5” comes in. This book lists exactly one thousand essential Japanese vocabulary words, all written in Japanese kana and kanji with furigana. This will give you a great head start in your studies and help you ace the JLPT N5./p>

Stay always on track with your vocabulary: Don't lose track of your learning! Keep an eye on your progress with checkboxes that help you monitor vocabulary retention.

An engaging learning material: Cute illustrations help make the material more engaging. Moreover, Japanese language notes help deepen understanding of the culture behind the language.

Find your words: Looking up a word in a Japanese dictionary can be tricky. You have to know how to read the characters, of course. But you also need to know the word's meaning. And, on top of that, you need to know its pronunciation. That's where the Japanese vocabulary index of this book comes in handy. Unlike a regular dictionary, the vocabulary index lists words in syllabic order. So, if you know how to pronounce a word, you can easily find it in the index. This can be a big time-saver when you're studying for the JLPT exam or simply trying to learn new vocabulary.

Your vocabulary in context: There is an audio link for every vocabulary word. Each word also has an example sentence to help you understand how to use it.

Key benefits

  • Master 1000 of the most important Japanese vocabulary words.
  • Learn in a fun, easy way with themed chapters and readings.
  • Be confident in your language skills and feel proud of your accomplishments.

More details

  • Japanese title: はじめての日本語能力試験N5単語1000
  • Title transcribed in Latin characters: Hajimete no Nihongonōryokushiken N5 Tango 1000
  • Publisher: ASK Books
  • Authors: ARC Academy (アークアカデミー)
  • Dimensions: B6
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