Pocket WiFi in Japan: Access the Internet in travel

Pocket WiFi in Japan: Access the Internet in travel

Pocket WiFi in Japan: Access the Internet in travel 1140 584 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

It is often complicated to have a good connection to the Internet when traveling abroad. Japan is no exception to this rule. Admittedly, there are many free hotspots in major Japanese cities, especially in combinis, but the connection rate is not always sufficient for certain uses. Do not imagine being able to make a video call on Skype, or watch videos on YouTube for example.

Fortunately, there are several solutions that allow tourists traveling to Japan to counter this connection problem. Most of them remain affordable, but our favorite is the Pocket WiFi.

Pocket WiFi is the most flexible solution to always have high-speed Internet access. Indeed, up to 10 devices can connect simultaneously to the Pocket WiFi. It is much less easy to manage with a single SIM card.

What is a Pocket WiFi?

A Pocket WiFi is a easily transportable device that allows multiple connections to the Internet via a WiFi connection. The Pocket WiFi get the network from a SIM card similar to those you can find in mobile phones.

Thus, you have access to the Internet wherever there is network for mobile phones. Because network coverage is excellent in Japan, you do not have to worry about that.

Who can use a Pocket WiFi?

Everyone can use a Pocket WiFi. But this device is particularly interesting for tourists. Indeed, this device has many advantages for travelers.

First, it allows you to access the Japanese 4G network. So you have an excellent connection on most of the Japanese territory. But above all you avoid the nasty surprises with your cell phone. Indeed, not all Western mobile phones are compatible with Japanese SIM cards. By using the Pocket WiFi, you access the network as if you are connecting to a conventional ADSL box.

Then you get huge coverage! You can access the network from most places … Even in the subway! Unless you go to the most remote corners of Japan, you will hardly be disconnected.

Finally, it allows multiple devices to easily connect to the network simultaneously. This means that you can very well have access to the Internet on your phone and a computer at the same time. But when you travel in groups it’s even better! Nothing prevents you from sharing the connection with your travel partners. So you only need one Pocket WiFi for everyone, making it the most affordable solution for tourist groups.

I forgot to tell you about the battery life: it is monstrous! You can surf for 8 hours by refill. All this for a weight not exceeding 150 grams.

The Pocket WiFi interest is a bit limited when you stay in Japan for more than 3 months. In this case, I recommend you to take a local SIM card. Just make sure your mobile phone is compatible with Japan’s 3G and / or 4G networks.

How does it work?

Operators providing Pocket WiFi services have almost all the same model. In my example, I speak more specifically about the Sakura Mobile ordering process, as it is the company I recommend:

  1. You order: You can do this from your home country and at the latest 3 days before the day you want to receive the device.
  2. Sakura Mobile deliver you the Pocket WiFi: Operator ensures that you receive the Pocket WiFi in due time. Do not panic ! You are in Japan, the postal services are really punctual.
  3. You get the WiFi Pocket: You can have the Pocket WiFi delivered anywhere in Japan, such as at the airport, at your hotel, in a post office or at the address of your accommodation (Share house, AirBNB …).
  4. You use the Pocket WiFi: You travel in Japan while staying connected.
  5. You return the Pocket WiFi: To do this you can simply put it in a mailbox on the return date. The return envelope is provided by Sakura Mobile.

Order your Pocket WiFi now!

Personally I recommend the Sakura Mobile operator that has the advantage of offering an English customer support. This can help you if you do not speak Japanese.

Sakura Mobile has 3 different offers:

  • Lite: You have a maximum of 300MB per day. This is sufficient for traditional traveling uses, such as checking e-mails or surfing on Nipponrama in search of good places to visit. In reality, you are likely to consume less than this figure when you are in your own country.
  • Regular: You can use up to 600MB per day. With the double of data you have the guarantee of not reaching the threshold, if you normally use the Internet. So it’s best to avoid YouTube and all streaming videos.
  • Double: You can use up to 1.2GB per day. The big consumers of Data will be delighted to be able to watch several videos on YouTube, download large files, send your holiday photos in the cloud … In short, it is the perfect offer for those who want to connect to the Internet without restriction. Otherwise, it’s also perfect if you’re traveling in a group.

Order your Pocket WiFi here:

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