How to order a beer in Japanese

How to order a beer in Japanese

How to order a beer in Japanese 1140 585 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

The pee break

It is time to go to the toilets. But where are they? Ask one of your friends with a smaller bladder than you or just ask a staff member by saying him:

Sumimasen, otearai wa doko desu ka ?

I am unable to guess what he will answer. If your level of Japanese do not allow you to understand the directions, just look at the hands of the person who informs you. They will tend to point the place you are looking for.

Une belle cascade.

A beautiful waterfall.

You are in the toilets now? Make your small business, and do not forget to wash your hands! I hate people who do not wash their hands…

Reorder the same thing

You are now prepared to drink again! Bring the glass to the bartender and tell him simply:

Onaji kudasai

C'est reparti pour un tour !

Here we go again!

If the person does not understand is that he has forgotten what you ordered the first time. In this case, just repeat the sentence we saw in Module 2 “Order a beer in Japanese”.

Ask for the bill in Japanese

You think you’ve drunk enough for tonight? Or just want to go to another bar? It is time to ask for the bill (if you have not already paid):

Okaikei kudasai.

Do not leave a tip, it is a Western custom that has not yet arrived in Japan. There is a good chance that the bar staff do not understand and you will lose time trying to explain to them what it is.

Go out of the bar like a real man with his paunch

By the time you have paid and recovered your small change, the bartender will thank you:

Arigatô gozaimashita.

You can also thank you in Japanese, by repeating the same sentence. Otherwise you can congratulate his work by saying:

Gochisô sama deshita.

Pour rappel, une pinte de bière est égale à 180 calories.

Remember that a pint of lager equals approximately 180 calories.

Now you can go out like a real badass, because you are above 50% of foreigners who do not even make the effort to speak three Japanese phrases. Congratulations!

I hope this little training will be useful in the field. Feel free to ask me your questions directly in the comments. I’d be happy to answer you. And if not, let me know when you go to Tokyo, maybe we can drink a “nama bîru” together.

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I’m a French guy living in Tokyo, where I work as a digital marketing manager and consultant for several years now. I’ve decided to share my travel recommendations and various tips to help people settle in Japan.

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  • C’est vraiment très intéressant et et très utile, parce que j’ai envie d’aller au Japon pour la coupe du monde du rugby en 2019. Malheureusement les États-Unis sont tombés dans Le group de la mort avec les français, anglais, argentins et Los .

  • Love this!!! Still live in Japan?

  • Hi. Whats the term for asking for a beer with lot of head or no head. Years ago i heard the japanese like a lot of head on their beer and the term for that is irawanasashi or something similar like that.

  • So helpful!! I loved the specific counters for beers/glasses. Can you maybe do a similar post for ordering yakitori?? I moved to Japan 2 weeks ago and ordering yakitori in Japanese seems like a different challenge.

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