McDonald’s in Japan: fries with chocolate sauce!?

McDonald’s in Japan: fries with chocolate sauce!?

McDonald’s in Japan: fries with chocolate sauce!? 150 150 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

McDonald’s released fries coated with black and white chocolate sauces in Japan. Fast food goes too far?

The war on junk food between McDonald’s and Burger King

Fast food retailers are fighting in an all-out war for many years in Japan. McDonald’s releases a black bread sandwitch? Burger King releases two sandwitches, one with black bread and cheese, and the other one with its spicy red bread.

And yet, I did not talk about all the declensions mixing the japanese food specialties with fat American burgers. A bit like the McBaguette in France or the Trio Poutine in Quebec, Japanese customers can order things as McTeriyaki (with the famouse Japanese sweet sauce), McTonkatsu (with crispy pork) or Ebi Filet-O (with shrimp)

Mega Teriyaki Burger

“I am the Mega Teriyaki Burger and I will drip on your fingers! Ah ah ah ah !”

As usual, Burger King replies with its own Japanese burgers, such as a burger with teriyaki sauce (How original!).

In short, those culinary ping pong games adorn press releases of the junk food major players in Japan. We used to it very quickly… But sometimes fast food giants go a bit too far in that innovations bidding. And that is certainly the case with the McChoco Potato.

The McChoco Potato

It is in this highly competitive atmosphere that McDonald’s tried everything possible to stand out.

Japanese people will be able to taste the McChoco Potato from January 26. Those fries get its uniqueness of its chocolate sauces. McDonald’s Japanese customers will be able to choose the black chocolate sauce or the white chocolate sauce. The greediest ones can mix the two sauces to acquire the ultimate chocolate fries of the death!

Ronald’s brand is selling dream indicating that new mayfly product is a recipe that creates a wonderful sweet and sour flavor. And it goes on to say that the McChoco Potato can be eaten as a dessert or as side dish with a good Big Mac… It is exactly at that moment that I threw up in my mouth.

Feel free to comment on this article if this dining experience makes you confused or nauseated… Or if you had the “chance” to taste those special fries.

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