Hacienda del Cielo: Daikanyama’s rooftop

Hacienda del Cielo: Daikanyama’s rooftop

Hacienda del Cielo: Daikanyama’s rooftop 1140 585 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Hacienda del Cielo is a restaurant and bar with A stunning view over the city of Tokyo. Located in Daikanyama, it offers Mexican specialties and excellent cocktails at reasonable prices.

If you have already had the opportunity to go to Daikanyama, you surely appreciated its small houses on two levels with trendy boutiques inside. Indeed, the architecture of the area is radically different with that of Shibuya, which is nearby. How imagine for a moment that a rooftop exists close to the Daikan-Yama station?

Panoramic view of Tokyo at the Hacienda del Cielo

The bar-restaurant offers a stunning view of the Tokyo Tower.

It is however the case, with the bar and restaurant Hacienda del Cielo, located on the ninth floor of one of the tallest building in the neighborhood. The Mansard Building is one of the only buildings in the area that can boast of having such a breathtaking view over the city of Tokyo. The average size of houses in the neighborhood is not for nothing in this panoramic view. The sky is unobstructed so you can see many monuments from here, including the Tokyo Tower.

Quality cocktails and mexican specialties at reasonable prices

There are many cocktails at reasonable prices on the drinks menu of the Hacienda del Cielo. The glass of Sangria or Pink Paradise is only 500 yen. The bar also offers to take the Frozen Margarita in big jugs, from 3800 yen for the classic version with lime. For a few hundred yen more, it is also possible to be seduced by this Mexican cocktail in fruit-flavored versions.

Hacienda del Cielo's Margarita in Tokyo

Enjoying a margarita in a cozy atmosphere with a city view. If I had not been with Bastien I might have thought it was a candlelit dinner.

If you do not like cocktails, you can fall back on the Mexican beers for 500 or 600 yen. On the program: the Sol, Tecate, Modelo and (of course) Corona. Still not convinced? The wines, rum and other liquors are not left out, and a selection of sodas, juices and teas are also available for those who would not taste the alcohol.


You do not like the outdoors? You can enjoy food and cocktails inside.

About food, Hacienda del Cielo offers the best of the Mexican appetizers. Nachos with guacamole and chili, tortillas, quesadillas and other ceviches plates are served for 500 yen or less. A special mention for the plate of four jalapenos that crumbles your mouth for only 300 yen.

“It irritates me the gums”
Me, after enjoying two jalapeños

For those looking to make a big meal, Hacienda del Cielo has what you need. The traditional Mexican soup, burritos and enchiladas are proposed for roughly 1,000 yen.

What we thought of Hacienda del Cielo

This bar-restaurant really worked on its Mexican atmosphere. The food, drinks and music carry us in Mesoamerica. None of what we have tasted disappointed us. The most insane part remains the final bill who was not expensive at all.

And what of the panoramic view over the city of Tokyo? Just sublime! The place is suitable for everything : evening with friends, candlelit dinner … With this address you can definitely show off!

In short, that’s great!

How to get to the Hacienda del Cielo?

The nearest train station is Daikanyama on the Tokyu-Toyoko line. You can easily take this line at Shibuya Station.

The restaurant-bar is located on the ninth floor of Mansard Building. It is only accessible by an elevator which the access is located on the left of the building when you are in the main street of Daikanyama district. Do not give up if you feel lost, because the restaurant is well worth.

The photos in this article were taken by our dear Bastien.

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