Share houses in Yokohama

Share houses in Yokohama

Share houses in Yokohama 800 600 Aileen Cuaresma

When you’re going to study or work in Yokohama, Japan’s second largest city, you have plenty of options in terms of accommodations. Share houses in Yokohama are one of the most popular choices here as they can provide you with a mixture of social life and privacy. It’s an exciting and affordable way of living near Tokyo.

Share houses offer plenty of flexibility and an opportunity to create new friendships along the way. It’s not only a cheaper option, but things here are simple as well. It usually has shared spaces that feature a kitchen, bathrooms, and shower rooms. It also has lounges or living rooms, where you can gather with other residents and share your experiences.

You’ll also find community-focused share houses here. The themes of these accommodations are centered on common interests like gardening, cycling, and sports, to name a few. So if you want a unique way to make new friends in a new place in Japan, a share house may just be the perfect one for you.

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Choose an area in Yokohama

Social Residences and share houses in the city center of Yokohama

Found on the eastern side of the city, Hodogaya Ward and Nishi Ward are two of the 18 wards in Yokohama. Hodogaya-ku is considerably flatland surrounded by small hills. On the other hand, Nishi-ku is the smallest of all the wards in the city. Despite its size, it houses Yokohama’s main commercial hub. This hub extends from the Yokohama Station all the way to the Minato Mirai 21 Central Business District.

The Minato Mirai, which means harbor of the future, has plenty of futuristic buildings. It’s also where you’ll find the Landmark Tower, one of the tallest buildings in Japan.

You can find large social residences and share houses in the city center of Yokohama. The quality accommodations are within the budget of most people, and you can experience a revolutionary way of living in a safe and secure environment.

Social Residence Yokohama

Single bedroom from 52 000 yen

Social Residence Yokohama opened its doors in April 2016. This recent share house is large and adorned with modern furniture. The rooms feature all necessities to make your stay as comfortable as possible, including a bed, air conditioning, desk, chair, closet, and even a refrigerator. It also has a common studio, kitchen, shower room, toilet, bathroom, washing machine, and dryer, as well as car and bicycle parking.

The share house is near the Hodogaya station and you can get to Yokohama in as little as five minutes. It’s also easy to reach Tokyo from this accommodation since Shibuya and Shinagawa are only at 30 minutes from there. And since it’s situated on a hill, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning views of the Bay Bridge, Minato Mirai, and Mt. Fuji when the sky is clear.

Premiere Minatomirai

Single bedroom from 58 000 yen

The new share house Premier Minatomirai is a mere eight-minute walk to the Sakuragicho Station and three minutes to Yokohama Station. It’s a cozy yet spacious place, and will not feel like you’re living in the middle of the city.

The four-story lodging features both Japanese and Western-style rooms with balcony, bed, desk, refrigerator, and free internet. Its shared spaces have a washing machine, microwave, rice cooker, toaster, sofa, and a TV. It even has a garden where you can relax and be one with nature.

Flora Yokohama Hoshikawa

Single bedroom from 52 000 yen

If you’re looking to stay in a women-only share house, the Flora Yokohama Hoshikawa is perfect for you. Each of the 30 rooms in the house features a bathroom and a balcony where you can enjoy the view of the city at night. The accommodation has a common theater room and cafe lounge where you can relax with your housemates. 

It’s only a 4-minute train ride from Yokohama Station and 6 minutes by foot from the Hoshikawa Station. There are also shrines and plenty of shopping opportunities near this comfortable and relaxing Japanese share house.

Social Residences And Share Houses In Aoba, Yokohama

Aoba Ward is located in Yokohama’s northwest corner. It serves as a commercial hub and bedroom suburb not only for central Yokohama but also for Tokyo and Kawasaki. Below are some of the best share houses you can check out on this mostly flatland area.

Social Residence Ichigao North

Single bedroom from 54 000 yen

The Social Residence Ichigao North, which opened in February 2018, has a modern vibe. It offers a bike rental service, which is perfect if you want to take a leisurely ride around the many parks surrounding the residence. You can also park your own two-wheel transportation in the bicycle parking of the share house.

This non-smoking house is 30 minutes away from Shibuya. It has 3 floors and over 70 rooms with a bed, desk, chair, air conditioning, storage, and optical fiber internet. Its common space includes a spacious kitchen, a pretty nice theater, a large bath, and a stone sauna.

Social Residence Ichigao West

Single bedroom from 55 000 yen

Similar to its sister share house, the Social Residence Ichigao West has a modern design. It has four floors with more than 50 Western-style rooms. It also features a theater, a shared lounge, and a Japanese-style coworking space.

The nice house has no rental bike service but features parking for bikes. You can easily access the Metro Area from here. It’s also 30 minutes from Shibuya and a 6-minute walk to the Ichigao Station.

Park View Aobadai

Single bedroom and Dormitory from 30 000 yen per month

The Park View Aobadai is on top of a hill towering over its surroundings and will provide you with the fantastic Yokohama sunlight. It’s located 3 minutes away from the bus station and 6 minutes from Aobadai Station. You can also reach Shibuya from here in just 25 minutes.

The share house has around 30 rooms with large closets, semi-double beds, a fridge, desk, chair, air conditioning, and WiFi. The theme of the share house is simple and relaxing. Its shared lounge is sunny and the perfect place for eating, socializing and even studying. It also has a very clean kitchen, which is an excellent area to get to know your housemates while making your meal.

Social Residence Tama Plaza

Apartment, Single bedroom and semi-private room from 36 000 yen

The cozy and contemporary Social Residence Tama Plaza is a huge building with 4 floors. You can go directly to Shibuya within 20 minutes and Yokohama in 27 minutes from here without transfers.

This share house has 141 rooms and all the facilities you need, including an inner garden, a cafe, as well as a classy and spacious lounge. It has a multi-purpose area, which is a handy business center with theater and study rooms. It even features a floor catering to women only.

Other share houses in North Yokohama

In this part, I will talk about share houses located in other neighbourhoods in North Yokohama, like those of Tsurumi, Midori and Tsuzuki Wards. The Tsurumi Ward is located in the northeastern part of Yokohama City. This semi-industrial place offers a dramatic city skyline views from Daikoku Promenade. On the northwest borders of the city, you’ll find the hilly and sparsely populated Midori Ward. While on the north of Yokohama’s geographic center is where the flatter Tsuzuki Ward is located.

These place places are unique. They have everything from hidden gems and sightseeings to ideal share houses listed below.

Social Residence Academia Yokohama

Single bedroom from 53 000 yen

SR Academia Yokohama is the place to live, work, and learn. It features spacious learning and coworking spaces, lounge, theater room, recreation room, and even a smoking area. It also has an outdoor WiFi so you can work while soaking the Yokohama sunshine. This large share house is 20 minutes from Shinagawa. It has 3 floors and over 70 Japanese and Western-style rooms with a bed and other necessary furniture to make your stay comfortable.

Garden Terrace Kamoi

Single bedroom from 54 000 yen

Garden Terrace Kamoi is close to Lalaport and has around 30 rooms with a bed, curtains, a table, and a chair. It’s a 7-minute to the nearest station, such as Kamoi Station, Nakayama Station.

The 2-story share house is situated in a quiet neighborhood. It features three single rooms in a unit equipped with a kitchen, shower, and a private toilet. It has parking for cars, WiFi, and facilities with fridge, washing machine, and vacuum.

Share Houses in Totsuka, Yokohama

Totsuka-ku is another ward in the city of Yokohama. The largely flat land is within the center-western part of the city. Small hills are scattered in the Ward with the Kashio River passing through it. If you’re planning to live here, the following are a couple of share houses you should consider.

Social Residence Higashi Totsuka

Single bedroom from 53 000 yen

The Social Residence Higashi Totsuka is a fresh house situated in a charming town near the Higashi-Totsuka station. You can reach Yokohama from here in as little as 7 minutes and Shinagawa and Shibuya within 35 minutes without transfer.

This Japanese house has 3 floors and over 50 rooms with double beds, air conditioning, a fridge, a desk, a chair, and ample storage. You’ll also like its shared spaces, such as a large bath, kitchen, lounge, and movie theater. This share house also offers parking space for both cars and bikes.

Garden Town Totsuka

Single bedroom from 53 000 yen

The convenient Garden Town Totsuka share house has 45 rooms with everything you need. It has three single rooms where each unit comes with a common living room, toilet, and kitchen. It’s the perfect place for anyone who wants privacy while looking for a chance to socialize with their housemates.

It is in a quiet neighborhood, which is about 34 minutes from Shibuya, 39 minutes from Shinjuku, and 9 minutes from Yokohama Station.

Why live in a share house in Yokohama?

Share houses in Yokohama offer value for your money, aside from being economical and practical accommodations. Most of your expenses are already included in the rent: electricity, gas, water, internet, and upkeep costs. They’re also friendly, thus allowing you to make the most of your stay. You’ll be living with people from different walks of life. Hence, you’ll be exposed to various cultures. This, in turn, can open up your mind. And that’s something that no amount of money can buy.

Yokohama is the perfect city to experience living in a share house. It’s not only rich in history but surprisingly diverse as well. The city is known as the place where the modern and westernized culture of Japan was conceived. Since the opening of Yokohama port, Japan has been getting a taste of new cultures and understanding from other countries. Also, the local people here, called Hamakko, are cheerful, love to enjoy life, and more than willing to embrace anything good.

Enjoy your stay in Tokyo metropolis to the fullest by considering one of the amazing share houses we’ve listed here. They’re the best choice if you want to save money when you’re in Yokohama while immersing yourself in different cultures and exciting experiences. Hopefully, you find this page helpful and don’t forget to check our other articles about life in Japan.