Ryokan in Nagano: 6 beautiful traditional hotels in Nagano City

Ryokan in Nagano: 6 beautiful traditional hotels in Nagano City

Ryokan in Nagano: 6 beautiful traditional hotels in Nagano City 1024 696 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

The city of Nagano and its surroundings are home many tourist attractions that are sure to make your travel to the Japanese Alps a remarkable experience. Whether you are thinking about going for a one-of-a-kind nature trip in the mountains or just looking for some beautiful onsens to visit and relax in, Nagano City will surely provide you with what you need.

In the beautiful city of Nagano, you will have the amazing opportunity to marvel at the wondrous sites of Togakushi Shrine, the Zenkoji Temple, and Ninpo Museum. And if you have no clue as to where you should stay while visiting this lovely city, here are some ryokans in Nagano where you can enjoy a relaxing stay and a truly authentic Japanese experience.

Ryokans in the city center of Nagano

In the city centre of Nagano, you will find a collection of temples, shrines, and restaurants that are sure to make your trip to this city worth it. To help you enjoy Nagano more, you might want to stay for a while in one of these ryokans right at the heart of this city.

Jizokan Matsuya Ryokan

Just a 3-minute walk away from the Zenkoji Temple, Jizokan Matsuya welcomes its guests in its Japanese rooms with tatami floors, shoji paper screens and futon beds. In this ryokan, you can also enjoy relaxing in their public baths or getting a massage.

Moreover, you can also visit the Shinano Art Museum, which is just 12 mins away. The Zenko-ji-shita Subway Station is also within a 10-min walking distance from the ryokan. If you’re thinking about going for a leisurely walk, you can take it along Chuo-dori Avenue. In case you would also like to check out the neighboring cities, the Nagano Train Station is just 27 minutes away from the ryokan via the Chuo-dori Avenue.

Chuokan Shimizuya Ryokan

Another traditional hotel to stay in while visiting the city centre is the Chuokan Shimizuya. With its distinctly Japanese atmosphere, you get to experience relaxation in a ryokan that houses 160 years of history. The decor and settings inside the ryokan is a great contrast as compared to this property’s modern exterior. Once your enter the ryokan, you will be welcomed by its polished wooden floorboards and interiors, which will give you a sense of traveling back in the olden Japanese times.

This ryokan is only within a 5-minute walk from the Zenkoji Temple and a 13-minute walk from the Shinano Art Museum. If you don’t feel like eating out, the ryokan can serve Japanese multi-course breakfasts and dinners in the dining room upon your request. You can also take advantage of their massage services, free Wi-Fi, and free parking.

Ryokans located near Togakushi Shrine

The Togakushi Shrine covers a large area and is made up of three shrines known as the lower, middle and upper shrines. If visiting this sanctuary is a part of your bucket list, then you might want to consider staying in one of these ryokans that are just a few minutes away from Togakushi.

Oshi Ryokan

This traditional accommodation at the base of Mount Togakushi is only a 5-minute walk from the Togakushi Shrine. The Oshi Ryokan offers relaxing mountain views, with the 250-year old main building giving you a glimpse of its history. Guests of Oshi Ryokan can enjoy a refreshing stay in one of the rooms in the annex building. Each room is fitted with tatami floor, seating area with low tables and futon beds. The bathroom is shared with other guests.

While staying in Oshi, you can also enjoy the beauty of their garden or their mouthwatering homemade meals upon advanced request. Oshi’s meals feature a local specialty, soba buckwheat noodles. They are served at the dining table located in the main building.

Yadoya Shiroganeya

Just an 11-minute walk away from the Lower Togakushi Shrine, the Yadoya Shiroganeya is another lovely ryokan to stay in if you want to go on a pilgrimage to the Togakushi Shrine or simply enjoy the breathtaking mountain views of Mount Togakushi. Trek through the forest trail to enjoy a serene nature trip towards the shrines.

Whether you’re in Nagano during winter or any other season, the Yadoya Shiroganeya is sure to offer you a relaxing stay with its traditional Japanese interiors, paper screens, sitting area with low tables and tatami floors. Look out through the windows and you can enjoy the calming greeneries from the property’s garden, mountains and forests. Free Wi-Fi and free parking available.

Yokokura Ryokan

The Yokokura Ryokan is a 3-star ryokan that provides its guests with more than just a relaxing accommodation. This ryokan also has a restaurant, a garden, a ski-to-door access, free Wi-Fi, free private parking and access ski passes sales point to its guests. The front desk is available 24 hours and continental breakfasts are served daily.

You can also enjoy the mountain views and refreshing environment of the ryokan by strolling around the property. If you feel like stepping out of Yokokura Ryokan, the Togakushi Shrine is just 4 minutes away, while the Kids Ninja Village is just a 13-minute walk away.

Oumeitei Tsuji Ryokan

If you are looking for a traditional accommodation with a welcoming atmosphere, the Oumeitei Tsuji Ryokan is the place to go. Its chic Japanese-style interior and decor will surely make you feel relaxed. Wildflower arrangements and antique items are displayed throughout the property, with each room featuring large windows that allow you to enjoy Japanese garden views from outside. Each room has tatami floors and traditional futon beds.

Other amenities that you can enjoy in this ryokan include the public baths and in-room massages. While in the property, you can try on yukata robes and sit back in the spacious seating areas. The gift shop will also be a great place to check out if you are thinking about purchasing some souvenirs. The ryokan can also serve you traditional Japanese meals in the dining room for breakfast and dinner.

So whether you want to go hiking, skiing, touring or just relaxing around the mountainous areas of Nagano, you have a wide selection of ryokans to choose from and enjoy your stay in. Be sure to book your stay in one of these traditional inns and make the most of your visit to the lovely city of Nagano.

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