Ryokan in Nara: 6 traditionals hotels in Japan’s former capital city

Ryokan in Nara: 6 traditionals hotels in Japan’s former capital city

Ryokan in Nara: 6 traditionals hotels in Japan’s former capital city 1024 683 Aileen Cuaresma

With its nature parks, majestic temples and beautiful artworks dating back to the 8th century, the city of Nara is a milestone in many of Japan’s travel itineraries. This ancient capital of Japan is home to no less than three UNESCO World Heritage Sites, comprising 20 different sites.

If you are thinking about visiting this historic city, you might want to consider staying in one of the lovely ryokans in the area. Whether you decide to spend the night in the city center or the outlying areas of Nara, you will find a number of traditional hotels that are sure to provide you a well deserved rest. In this article, I share with you some of the most visited and loved ryokans in the city of Nara, Japan.

Ryokans in the city center of Nara

The city center of Nara is a beautiful mix of history and modernity. You will find buildings with modern designs, while from a few meters away, you will be able to see traditional houses. In case you decide to roam the city and you need to find a place to stay, here are three ryokans where you can spend the night more than comfortably.

Hotel Wakasa

Stay in a stunning traditional hotel near Todaiji temple

Hotel Wakasa is the ideal ryokan for tourists who would like to enjoy the tranquil beauty of this ancient capital. It has air-conditioned Japanese-style rooms with futon bedding, separate seating area, and tatami flooring. Each room comes with a TV, a refrigerator, an electric kettle and tea bags. You can also relax in its spacious Japanese public bath and its Ashiyu, the traditional foot bath. The whole building has free Wi-Fi access.

Other amenities include a roof terrace with a breathtaking view of Mount Wakakusa and Todaiji Temple. You can also request access to a private pool with the same view, for an extra cost. You can enjoy a Japanese dinner and breakfast in the dining room.

The Todaiji Temple is just a 5-minute walk away, Nara Park around 15 minutes, while Isuien Garden is just an 8-minute walk.

Kasuga Hotel

An exceptional ryokan a foot step from Kinsetsu Nara Station

Kasuga Hotel features beautiful hot public baths and delicious Japanese cuisine. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the building. The spacious Japanese-style rooms have tatami floors, futon beds, a TV and a suite bathroom.

You can enjoy a cup of green tea and relax in the yukata robes provided for guests. Dip into one of the various indoor and outdoor baths, or you can visit the ryokan’s gift shop. You can also enjoy a lovely Japanese breakfast in Restaurant Kasuga and grab a cup of coffee or tea at Coffee Shop Uneme.

Kasuga Hotel is just a 3-minute walk away from Nara Park, 10 minutes away from Isuien Garden and a 15-minute walk from Todaiji Temple. Free parking is available for host on site.

Sarusawaike Yoshidaya

A modern ryokan close to Nara’s Kofukuji temple

A 15-minute walk away from Nara Park, Todaiji Temple and Kasuga Taisha, the Sarusawaike Yoshidaya offers its guests spacious and air-conditioned Japanese-style rooms with western beds, a seating area, fridge, TV, and bathroom. Free Wi-Fi is available within the ryokan. Delicious Japanese breakfast meals are available by request at least 2 days before arrival.

If you want to stroll around, you can visit the Sarusawa-ike Pond out front or the Kofuku-ji Temple which is a 2-minute walk away. The Kintetsu Nara Station is just an 8-minute walk away and JR Nara Station is just 15 minutes away on foot.

Ryokans in the outlying areas of Nara

If you are looking for tourist spots in Nara that are outside the city center, such as the Kasuga-taisha and Mount Wakakusa, you can also check out some of the ryokans that are located in the outer areas of the city. Here are three ryokans from the outlying parts of Nara that you might want to check out.

Yukei-No Yado Heijo

A ryokan with a spectacular view on Nara

Take in the beautiful hilltop views of Nara city while sipping a hot cup of tea in the comforts of this traditional hotel. Each room in this ryokan is air-conditioned, with a fridge, TV, and a private bathroom. All rooms have tatami flooring and futon beds, with warm stone discs provided for each guest in winter to warm their feet.

Free shuttle to and from JR Nara Station is provided upon request. You can also visit the Shosoin Shoso Repository, which is 20 minutes away on foot. From the warehouse, you can visit the Buddhist temples of Shosoin, Chisokuin, Ryushoin, Ryuzoin, Jihoin and Hogonin if you continue your walk.

Kotono Yado Musashino

A luxury ryokan next to Kasuga Taisha

Ideally located near Nara Park, the Kotono yado Musashino offers comfortable Japanese-style rooms, with free Wi-Fi access, shared bathroom, and TV. Free private parking is also available and the ryokan offers free use of bicycles for guests wishing to wander around the city.

You can also walk from the ryokan to Nara Park or Kasuga Taisha to appreciate the beautiful scenery. This hotel also serves delicious breakfast and dinner meals. You can even enjoy breakfast through a picnic on the hill across the ryokan.


Excellent value for money traditional hotel in SOuth Nara

A lovely Japanese-style ryokan with two rooms, both with traditional futon bedding, tatami flooring, low table with seating cushions and a TV. Room service is available and Japanese home cooked meals are served in the dining area. Guests can also use the shared kitchen and the living room which has a TV, tables and chairs. This ryokan also features a launderette and offers free Wi-Fi and free parking.

Hotobil is a 2-minute walk from the Tanaka-machi bus stop, where you can grab a 10-minute bus ride towards the Nara National Museum, Kofuku-ji Temple and Todai-ji Temple. You can also easily reach some of the nearby temples, such as Renjo-ji and Sudotenno-sha.

With the many breathtaking heritage sites in the city of Nara, you are sure to enjoy your vacation here as you immerse yourself in the beautiful architecture, art and history of Japan. Whether you are looking for a historical pilgrimage or would like to simply relax and rejuvenate in some of the wonderful onsens in the area, then one of these traditional hotels in Nara will surely provide you with the accommodation that you need.