Best capsule hotels in Akihabara, Tokyo

Best capsule hotels in Akihabara, Tokyo

Best capsule hotels in Akihabara, Tokyo 1280 853 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Akihabara is one of the best areas in Tokyo to try a capsule hotel. Indeed, you’ll find many facilities offering this type of accommodation in this district of the Japanese capital city turned towards new technologies and pop culture.

To help you in your search for a capsule hotel in Tokyo, I made a selection of the five best pod hotels in Akihabara. These five facilities offer a variety of atmospheres and clearly target different customers while offering exceptional services at affordable prices.

Glansit Akihabara

The Glansit Akihabara concept focuses on the refinement of its style and the comfort for its guests. This property is just a three-minute walk from Akihabara Station, making it a perfect spot to visit Tokyo.

Glansit Akihabara has a relaxing library with its wooden design furniture. So you’ll be able to plan your itineraries, read a book or work in the common areas of this hotel. Another advantage of this property is that the reception is open 24 hours a day so you can check in at any time.

Another capsule hotel is run by the same company in Kyoto, in the Kawaramachi district. Its central location can make it easy for you to discover the main tourist spots of the former imperial capital city.

Grids Hostel Akihabara

Grids Hostel Akihabara is a design youth hostel locatedonly ten minutes from Akihabara Station. The big plus of this facility are the modern and minimalist common areas that will allow you to meet other guests staying at this hotel.

The pods of Grids Hostel Akihabara are conventional compared to those of other capsule hotels on this page. You’ll find nothing more than a mattress to sleep on. But Grids Hostel doesn’t only offer standard capsules. Guests can also stay in private double bedrooms or a traditional Japanese room. Classic dorm beds are also available.

Grids Hostel is a Japanese chain of youth hostels. In addition to other properties in Tokyo, this company manages other hotels with the same concept in Kyoto and Sapporo.

First Cabin Akihabara

First Cabin is a capsule hotel chain inspired by planes business classes. This company has a hotel located just four-minute from Akihabara Station. I’ll talk about this establishment here.

From front desk to staff’s uniforms, all the elements of this capsule hotel have been designed to remind the comfort of the premium classes of the most prestigious airlines. Besides standard capsules, some of the cabins in this hotel are more spacious than what Japanese hotel capsules usually offer. In addition to your bed, you will have enough space to have a small nightstand and be able to drop your luggage in the unit. A flat-screen TV is provided in each room.

First Cabin Akihabara also has traditional public baths. If you are modest, you can still use the Western showers.

Akihabara Bay Hotel

Akihabara Bay Hotel is a capsule hotel for female guests only. It’s located just a three-minute walk from the electric city of Akiba, making it a perfect base to discover this must-see district of Tokyo. You can also travel to many other tourist areas of the city by train from Akihabara Station.

The hundred beds offered by the Akihabara Bay Hotel are in small white and black units that are very minimalist and futuristic. Despite their narrowness, they are very comfortable and even have televisions. This makes it a perfect place to experience a night in a capsule hotel.

Guests can also enjoy pastel-coloured common spaces during their stay. These very feminine rooms will allow you to relax after your long sightseeing sessions in the Japanese capital city. The reception is available 24 hours a day. Other services offered by Akihabara Bay Hotel include secure lockers, washing machines and free Wi-Fi.

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Akihabara

Don’t be fooled by appearances, Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Akihabara is a luxury capsule hotel. Most of the clients who have already stayed in this facility have given it extremely positive ratings.

This hotel doesn’t focus only on the comfort of its units. Indeed, you’ll find a traditional Japanese public bath and a real manga cafe! That’s all it takes to have an authentic Japanese travel experience

Anshin Oyado is a capsule hotel chain perating in Kyoto and Tokyo. This company offers beds in many parts of the Japanese capital city, such as Shinjuku, Ogikubo, Shimbashi. Their only property in Kyoto is located in Shijo Karasuma.

Why choose a capsule hotel in Akihabara?

First of all, Akihabara is one of the neighbourhoods in which I recommend that tourists find their hotel in Tokyo.

“Akiba” is famous for being a forward-looking district in Tokyo. It’s nicknamed the “electric city” because many shops selling electronic products and new technologies have settled there. Also, the neon lights of the major retailers reminds of cyberpunk universes once night falls.

Here, everything seems to be done to make you live a futuristic experience that all otakus dream of. Staying in a pod hotel will only increase this immersion. You’ll feel like in a sci-fi film, such as Akira or Ghost in the Shell.

Besides, capsule hotels are a Japanese specialty. You’ll have a hard time finding a similar accommodation outside of Japan.

Do you want to find a more conventional hotel in Akihabara?

I suggest you take a look at my selection of hotels in Akihabara to discover other hotels that you may find interesting.

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