Hostels in Tokyo: my selection of cheap and unforgettable guest houses

Hostels in Tokyo: my selection of cheap and unforgettable guest houses

Hostels in Tokyo: my selection of cheap and unforgettable guest houses 1024 683 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Whether you are a backpacker or a traveler who pays attention to his/her expenses, youth hostels are the most attractive accommodations you can find in Tokyo. On this page, you’ll find my list of the best guest houses of the Japanese capital city.

If you’re looking for a hostel in Tokyo, know that you’ll find plenty of options! The Japanese capital city is very extensive; each tourist district offers a lot of cheap hotels. That’s why guest house owners must be quite inventive to attract as many visitors as possible. The result is unique concepts that draw on particular themes.

In this article, I share a selection of twelve youth hostels extremely popular with tourists coming to visit Tokyo. This popularity always comes from a high quality of service, to which are added some strands of madness that will make your trip to Japan unforgettable. All of these guest houses are located in seven neighborhoods that are well served by public transport, which will allow you to save time on your itineraries in this city.

Most of these seven districts are part of my list of 12 Tokyo neighborhoods in which I recommend tourists to look for a hotel. So you can choose any of the hostels on this page without having to worry about ending sleeping in a boring area that is away from the main tourist attractions of the city.

Where to stay in Tokyo?

Youth hostels in Shinjuku

Shinjuku is one of the liveliest areas of Tokyo. By choosing your hostel near the busiest station in the world, you’ll be guaranteed to get to any Tokyo must-see by train without losing a minute.

Unfortunately, it’s not on this side of the Japanese capital city that you’ll find the cheapest beds. Even if they don’t have the best prices in Tokyo, many guest houses in Shinjuku offer unique experiences. This is particularly true for the two youth hostels I chose for you in this area.

Book & Bed Tokyo Shinjuku

Located just a few meters from Seibu-Shinjuku Station, this atypical hostel will exacerbate your passion for books and design. Indeed, this guest house offers capsule beds embedded in shelves filled with books and magazines.

UNPLAN Shinjuku

The central concept of this modern hostel is to provide living spaces large enough for visitors to get to know each other. Several types of rooms are available, from dormitory bunk beds to private rooms with double beds.

Guest houses in Akihabara

Akihabara is known worldwide for being the most emblematic place of the otaku culture. Electronic shops, arcades, gashapon vending machines, manga and figurine shops fill the streets of this eastern district of Tokyo.

Many hotels are located near Akihabara Station, including hostels. I selected two excellent guest houses with different atmospheres. The first is traditional and offers attractive prices considering its location. The second is simply a paradise for fans of Japanese popular culture.

Hostel DEN

Hostel DEN is a typical youth hostel located close to Kodemmacho Station, just one stop from Akihabara. This guest house offers several dormitories, including one exclusively for women, as well as double bed and family rooms. You can find Japanese public baths across the street.

Manga Art Hotel

What is better for an otaku than to sleep in a hostel in Akihabara? Spending the night in a library where shelves are covered with thousands of mangas! This experience is what the Manga Art Hotel guest house has to offer with its unique dormitories, where women and men are separated.

Youth hostels in Asakusa

Asakusa is best known for being the location of the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The red buildings of Senso-ji are on all the Tokyo tourists’ photos.

Being one of the most touristic areas of the Japanese capital city, Asakusa offers a wide choice of youth hostels. They are often traditional but with affordable prices. Besides, its train station is well connected and will give you quick access to most of the other must-see tourist attractions in Tokyo.

Oak Hostel Fuji

This guest house managed by the Oakhouse agency offers many beds in dormitories at attractive rates. Its name comes from the fact that Mount Fuji can be seen from its roof when the sky is clear. Therewith, you’ll only have to cross the Sumida River to reach the Sensoji Temple.

Mustard Hotel Asakusa 1

This hostel is at a short walk from Asakusa Station, not far from the famous Kaminarimon Gate which protects the Sensoji Temple. There are mixed dormitories and private rooms for four. Guests can also try their traditional hot baths.

Find your hostel in Shibuya or Shimokitazawa

Strangely, it’s quite challenging to find good hostels in West Tokyo. That’s why I grouped two guest houses located in two different neighborhoods in this section. Indeed, I couldn’t make a list of the best guest houses in Tokyo without putting hotels in the two most stylish areas of the Japanese capital city.

First of all, Shibuya is one of the liveliest places in Tokyo. You’ll find many fashion shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs in which Tokyo youth have a good time every day of the week.

Then, Shimokitazawa has the reputation of being the neighborhood of hipsters. The streets are less crowded than in Shibuya, but this place has a lot to offer to trend followers: from concept bars and thrift stores to independent concert halls.

Turn Table Hostel

This hostel with a bar is located in a residential area on the edge of the uninterrupted entertainment of Shibuya. Between the private rooms and the dormitory beds, you’ll inevitably find accommodation that will meet your expectations and budget here.

Shimokitazawa Hostel

This modern property is just a 2-minute walk from Shimokitazawa Station. In addition to being located in the heart of one of the coolest areas of Tokyo, this guest house offers many room configurations, for solo travelers, couples or families. You should have a look!

Guesthouses in Ueno

Ueno is the perfect place to drop off your luggage in Tokyo. This large station is located on the most convenient train lines in the city. Moreover, Ueno hosts many tourist attractions that you should definitely discover if you’re traveling to Japan for the first time.

The two hotels that I chose in this sector are guest houses with large common areas welcoming many foreign visitors. So these are hotels that you can pick if you’re traveling alone and/or you’re a backpacker lost in the city.

Sadou Hostel Tokyo Ueno

The many traditional and modern common areas of Sadou Hotel will allow you to meet other travelers. This hotel located south of Ueno only offers dorm beds at competitive rates.

Hostel Waqwaq

Hostel Waqwaq offers a wide choice of rooms, from dorm beds to family rooms for eight. The guest house incorporates a halal pizzeria praised by international visitors.

Youth hostels in Ryogoku

Ryogoku, a neighborhood known for hosting the most prestigious sumo tournaments in Japan, isn’t on my list of 12 Tokyo neighborhoods in which I recommend finding a hotel. But, there are many quality youth hostels here, and this area isn’t far from the East Tokyo tourist spots. For these reasons, it can be a excellent strategy to find accommodation in this part of Tokyo.

The two hotels I chose in this section aren’t precisely inside Ryogoku, but rather between this neighborhood and the electric city of Akihabara. Indeed, it’s just an excuse to put more hotels from this very tourist sector. 😉

Planetyze Hostel

Whether you have chosen a private room with a shared bathroom or a dormitory bed, you can enjoy cocktails from Planetyze Hostel’s bar. You’ll only have to cross the Sumida River to reach Ryogoku from this guest house with its modern and refined design.

Train Hostel Hokutosei

I finish this list of the best youth hostels in Tokyo with a truly atypical hotel since it’s inspired by sleeper trains. Many densha otaku in Japan dreamed about it, now they can dream in it, if they decide to stay at this hotel near Ryogoku and Akihabara.

Other types of housing


Ryokans in Tokyo

Try the paradox of sleeping in a traditional hotel in the heart of an ultra-modern city.


Capsule hotels in Tokyo

Sleeping in a tiny room of 2 square meters is possible in Japan. Actually, it’s very comfortable!


Share houses in Tokyo

The accommodation type I recommend to tourists who want to spend more than a month in Tokyo

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