Robata Musashi: a traditional izakaya in Shinbashi

Robata Musashi: a traditional izakaya in Shinbashi

Robata Musashi: a traditional izakaya in Shinbashi 1140 584 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Robata Musashi is a traditional izakaya located in the vibrant area of Shinbashi in Tokyo. This restaurant offers many Japanese dishes at very affordable prices.

The Shinbashi neighborhood is one of Salarymen’s favorite shelterat the end of their long working days. The place is particularly busy at night, where many restaurants welcome groups of office workers who want to quench their hunger and thirst.

As an outsider, it is sometimes difficult to choose a good restaurant in this area. This discouraged more than one tourist from coming to this part of the Minato ward.

Yet Shinbashi offers a real Japanese everyday life atmosphere. So it’s a good option if you want to get off the beaten track, without taking the risk of losing yourself in a neighborhood reserved for the insiders.

Voici l'entrée d'un excellent restaurant à Shinbashi : Musashi Robata.

f you feel like an adventurer and do not want to waste your time choosing a restaurant from the hundred of the neighborhood, I can recommend an excellent one! Musashi Robata is an izakaya, a traditional Japanese restaurant, which is often full. And this is normal, as this establishment gathers everything you would expect from a popular Japanese restaurant. The place is friendly, the atmosphere just like the food is really Japanese … and the prices are more than affordable for Tokyo!

Indeed, the restaurant offers many dishes which are mostly around 300 yen. The choice is very wide. Obviously you will find the world-famous sashimi, fish grills and tempura on the menu. But you can also order some more wacky traditional dishes, such as rice with green tea for example.

What I thought of Robata Musashi

This izakaya offers a purely Japanese atmosphere. Seeing the cook prepare indoor grills and waiters doing their job in traditional outfits explains my positive opinion. The wooden decoration adds to this popular Japanese atmosphere. Tourists will appreciate!

In addition, drinks and meals are really cheap. So you can spend a good time without blowing up your budget. My final bill of 1600 yen for four dishes and a cocktail is a proof. Students without money will also appreciate!

How to get to Robata Musashi?

This traditional izakaya is located close to the Shinbashi station in the district of Minato. Many lines stop at this station appreciated by salarymen, among which:

  • JR lines: Keihin-Tohoku, Tokaido, Yamanote and Yokosuka;
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Toei Asakusa and Yurikamome lines.

Once at the Shinbashi station, you will only have to take the West exit to land in the “Karasumori” zone, which concentrates all the restaurants of the district.

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