Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee : a coffee-lab in Tokyo

Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee : a coffee-lab in Tokyo

Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee : a coffee-lab in Tokyo 1140 584 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Factory & Lab Kanno Coffee is a themed cafe in Tokyo’s Meguro ward. It offers an atmosphere halfway between Scandinavian design and chemistry labs.

Everyone knows that there are many theme bars and restaurants in Tokyo. This culture goes well beyond the Maid Cafés or cat bars, which are the two best known representatives of this Japanese trend. Sometimes the subject matter is very subtle but gives just as much, if not more, charm to the place. This is the case of Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee.

This café is located in the Meguro ward, South Tokyo. The employees are in a white coat and prepare your beverages using Erlenmeyer and test tubes. You understood it, the theme of this coffee is none other than chemistry.

From coffee beans to chemistry experiments

This topic is very well addressed, since we do not feel like we’re in a squalid lab with crazy scientists. The staff perform their chemistry experiments without too much seriousness and with a smile. In short, you will not need to have a science degree to enjoy your cup.

The place is really relaxing and bright. The theme does not ruin the experience, since it is soberly brought. We are very far from most theme bars or cafes that want to over exploit their idea. These places often become very kitchs. So that customers rarely come back.

Factory & Lab Kanno Coffee does not fall into this trap. The interior design is openly inspired by Scandinavian trends on the two floors of the coffee shop. In addition to this area reserved for customers, it is possible to see the “lab” through a bay window. The machines there are gigantic but produce no noise. It is really nice to chat with friends or work in this cafe. So it is quite possible to return several times a week.

Coffee cups cost about 600 yen, which is really affordable considering the drink quality. I have only one regret about this facility: There is no public WiFi, so it’s a bit unhandy if you want to work on your computer.

How to get to Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee?

Factory & Labo Kanno Coffee is a 10-minute walk from Gakugei Daigaku Station, on the Toyoko Line. This cafe is open daily from 9 am to 8 pm.

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