Niku Yokocho: a lane of restaurants in a building in Shibuya

Niku Yokocho: a lane of restaurants in a building in Shibuya

Niku Yokocho: a lane of restaurants in a building in Shibuya 1140 585 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Niku Yokocho is an entire floor of restaurants serving meat. This place resembles the small streets in which are usually found this kind of restaurants. The building in which it is located is close to the Shibuya station.

Many unusual places are hidden near Shibuya station. We had already presented Wired Tokyo 1999, this small bar-restaurant close to the Hachiko statue. In this article we will introduce you to another unknown place for tourists in which you can satisfy your lack of meat. Because if Niku Yokocho means “the lane of the meat” in Japanese, it is not for nothing!

Many small restaurants offering different meat specialties hide in this alley on the second floor of a building in Shibuya. Yes, you read correctly. This is not a real alleyway. It is a whole floor in a building that hosts dozens of little restaurants.

Un restaurant à Niku Yokocho.
A restaurant in Niku Yokocho.

Despite this, we find the atmosphere of the small shopping streets of Tokyo. A bit like Nonbei Yokocho, which is a (real) alley that is also a stone’s throw from the Shibuya station. This place deserves its name: the track is narrow, the air is filled with smoke charged with gravel, the tables and chairs are made from recovered objects. The atmosphere is friendly and unpretentious.

Pizza or pad thai? You choose!

The small restaurants of Niku Yokocho offer various specialties. This goes from the typical Thai dishes to the hipsterish burger of wagyu, passing by the normal yakitoris. You will have the opportunity to return several times before you get tired of this place!

How to get to Niku Yokocho?

Niku Yokocho is a short walk from Shibuya station. The place is on the floor of a building next to a police station. You will see several reelers at the entrance. No worries, they are only there to take you to restaurants located in the “alley”.

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