Sengokuhara : the Hakone pampas grass fields

Sengokuhara : the Hakone pampas grass fields

Sengokuhara : the Hakone pampas grass fields 1140 584 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

The Sengokuhara pampas grass fields, “Sengokuhara Suzuki Kusahara” in Japanese, are a place near Hakone, which offers beautiful colors in autumn.

Pampas grass fields of Sengokuhara stretch for hundreds of meters. It is made up of tall grasses called “susuki” in Japanese. These herbs change color throughout the seasons. This is what attracts many tourists to the area. Visitors flock during the autumn, especially at the beginning of November, when the susuki turns gold.

This vegetal space covers the western flank of Mount Hakone. A main track is drawn in the middle of this particular field. It will dissuade you from putting your feets in the herbs. No worries, the path is wide enough to support the tourists going up and down the hill.

Go off the track and you will fight very violent Pokémons.

Besides the fields, the visit of Sengokuhara allows to enjoy a nice view on the valley and the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see Mount Fuji from this location.

What we thought of that tall grass fields

Sengokuhara fields are a visit located a few minutes from Hakone. It offers a slightly poetic atmosphere. But we do not care, because the susuki make great Facebook profile pics and just for that, you have to go. I tested and approved!

Trop pressé, dans 6 mois on va tout brûlé !!!
So excited! In 6 months we’ll burn everything!

The best time to enjoy this place remains in the fall. Because this field is not always interesting. If in the autumn, the herbs become golden, in summer they are between yellow and green. Which is already less impressive. In winter, susuki die after becoming brown. And in the spring, go your way, because there is nothing to see. Indeed, the field is burned every year to prevent any other type of vegetation from growing there.

How to get to Sengokuhara?

The pampas fields are located a few meters from the bus stop “Sengoku Kogen” which is on Hakone Tozan and Odakyu lines. Buses stop here several times per hour.

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