Yamanakako Panorama Dai : a stunning view of Mount Fuji

Yamanakako Panorama Dai : a stunning view of Mount Fuji

Yamanakako Panorama Dai : a stunning view of Mount Fuji 1140 584 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Yamanakako Panoramic Observatory, or “Yamanakako Panorama Dai” in Japanese, is one of the best places to observe Mount Fuji and the area it overlooks.

There is a place where you can admire Mount Fuji as well as Lake Yamanakako from the heights. This place is the panoramic observatory of Yamanakako which gives its visitors a clear view on the most emblematic volcano of the Japanese archipelago.

Cet homme a un trépied, il est sérieux.
This man has a tripod, he’s serious.

Many photographers stop at this small rest area. This parking lot is located along a road which winds on the side of a mountain facing the biggest summit of Japan. Fortunately for the brave, the place is difficult to access. Otherwise, I’m sure you’d have to wait in line for hours to get a snapshot of Mount Fuji.

What we thought of the panoramic observatory

I’m not an expert on the region of the Five Lakes of Mount Fuji. But I think I do not take any risk by stating that it is at the panoramic observatory of Lake Yamanakako that you will take the most beautiful shots of the sacred volcano.

Je crois que c'est le meilleur panorama de ma vie (avec un contre jour)
I think it is one of the best panorama in my life.

The place offers an atmosphere worthy of Japan’s most emblematic postcards. This is especially true on sunny days. Indeed, Mount Fuji is still quite far away. You will have difficulty seeing it on bad weather.

You should not miss this place if you pass through Yamanashi Prefecture. Especially if you are driving.

How to get to the Yamanakako Panorama Dai?

As I said earlier the place is not easy to access. It is not directly served by buses. The best way to enjoy the panoramic view is by car.

However, the more adventurous can get off of the bus at the stop “Mikuniyama Hiking Course Iriguchi”. Once in this place located further down in the mountain, you will only have to climb for about thirty minutes to reach the observatory.

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