Todoroki Keikoku: a green ravine in Setagaya

Todoroki Keikoku: a green ravine in Setagaya

Todoroki Keikoku: a green ravine in Setagaya 1140 585 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

Todoroki Keikoku is a jungle in Tokyo. This forest-like park is located in a ravine formed in the Yazawa riverbed. This is one of the main attractions of the Setagaya ward, a place deserted by tourists.

The Setagaya Ward is far from being the most acclaimed place in the tourist guides. It’s simple, if you go there, you will not see tourists at all. It is very sad because a magical place is hidden there. A miniature jungle with relaxing virtues: Todoroki Keikoku.

Todoroki ravine

You will have to walk down stairs next to a red iron bridge to enter an extraordinary place. You will not have time to prepare yourself psychologically because you will end abruptly in a rural world.

A haven of peace and serenity, unless you do not like the sound of mini-waterfalls… but in this case I can say you are a big asshole.

So this is without transition that you will be in the middle of the Todoroki park main attraction: the “ravine”. This dozen meters deep crack has formed inside the Yazawa riverbed. This river flows into the great Tama river few hundred meters away.

Pont de Todoroki
You can enter the ravine by taking a stairway next to this red bridge.

This jungle corridor offers a peaceful moment. I guarantee you! Todoroki Keikoku is a relaxing place where the noise of the city has no place. Instead of cars, you will hear the sound of water flowing gently, accompanied by the singing of birds. The idyllic atmosphere is amplified by the sunlight that sometimes pierce the branches to form light beams.

Todorokifudo shrine

Temple de Todorokifudo
The Todoroki-fudo temple is very orthodox apart from its ice-shaped statuette.

Your adventure in Todoroki will not stop in its ravine. A Buddhist temple dedicated to the deity Acala, “Fudo” in Japanese, overlook the small forest valley. Unfortunately, this place of worship is rather banal in comparison with the Yazawa riverbed.

The value of Todoroki Keikoku is not in this place. However, we cannot complain about its presence. This temple dos not detract from the beauty of the small jungle, it even add a bit of mysticism.

Les secrets de Todoroki
Some surprises are hidden behind the Todoroki-fudo temple.

The more adventurous of you will go down again the stairs of the temple to see what is hidden in the southern part of the ravine. If it is your case, you will not regret it, because small altars are scattered here and there among the trees, in that messy jungle.

Todoroki bamboo forest

Les bambous de Todoroki
Nothing monumental here.

If you continue your way to the South, the apparent disorganization give way to a place much more mastered. A zen place: the bamboo forest. Again, this place will not be the most impressive of your Todoroki odyssey. Especially when you will understand that bamboos are disposed only on a very small surface.

Le parc de Todoroki
The perfect place to have a break.

After this journey in multiple environments, you can enjoy the warriors rest. Indeed, a rather classic park is located behind the bamboo. Here no one will prevent you from slouching on the grass to eat, drink or just enjoy the sun with your traveling companions.

What we thought of Todoroki Keikoku

This small park is a wonder that has the misfortune to be slightly off the main tourist attractions of the Japanese capital city. It’s a shame because it is so far my favorite park in Tokyo.

The ravine is a perfect place to unwind in summer. It is constantly protected from the 35°C and maddening humidity of July and August. Few places in Tokyo can boast of such performance.

How to get to Todoroki Keikoku

Todoroki Keikoku is rather eccentric of the main attractions of Tokyo. To get there you will have to take the Oimachi line and get off at Todoroki station.

Once at the station, you will have to head to the South. Turn right at the first intersection. Then you will see a red iron bridge. One of the “gates” of the ravine is here. Indeed, the rather discreet stairs are just hiding beside the bridge. You simply have to go down to change universe.

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