Asahi Sky Room: a bar with a sky view on Tokyo

Asahi Sky Room: a bar with a sky view on Tokyo

Asahi Sky Room: a bar with a sky view on Tokyo 1140 585 Michaël da Silva Paternoster

The Asahi Sky Room bar offers a panoramic view of the city of Tokyo. This property is located just a few meters from the Senso-ji temple.

The Senso-ji temple in Asakusa district is one of the main attractions of Tokyo. All tourists like to take pictures in front of the bells and giant lanterns of this sanctuary. True, it makes great memories.

Most of these tourists also go to the Tokyo Skytree, the tallest tower in Japan, to take aerial photos of the great Japanese megalopolis. True, it also makes great memories. Except that the entry ticket is over 2,000 yen and wait times to access this panoramic view are ghastly. Indeed, it often takes several hours.

I believe that when one visits a city he has so many other things to do than waiting for hours. All this for a photo session that lasts only a few minutes. Fortunately, I have a solution that will solve all these problems!

Asahi Sky Room
Moreover, you cannot drink beer in Tokyo Skytree…

The alternative I propose is located between the two landmarks that I just mentioned. It is an alternative that allows you to take aerial photographs of Tokyo. You will be certainly less high than in Tokyo Skytree, but you will not pay entrance fee and you will not have to wait for hours. This alternative is the Asahi Sky Room bar.

A bar in Asahi Super Dry Building

Asahi Beer Tower is one of the first things people see when arriving at Asakusa Station. A golden poo is laid on this black building. This tower is located on the other side of the Sumida River. It is the work of French designer Philippe Starck, just as the building that stands next door and that is the one that interests us: Asahi Super Dry Building.

Asahi Beer Tower and the Sumida River.
You see the poop? We are going in the golden building behind.

Indeed, the Asahi Sky Room bar is located on the 22nd floor of Asahi Super Dry Building. This building is simply the headquarters of the famous Japanese beer producer. Do not be surprised if the bartender refuse to give you a Kirin or a Yebisu beer in this bar.

Once you ordered your beer, you can sit on the table that follows the bay window of Asahi Sky Room. Therefore, you will end up in front of two things: your beer and the immensity of the city of Tokyo. Indeed, the large windows of the bar allow you to admire many monuments: the Senso-ji of course, but also the business district of Shinjuku, which is nevertheless not nearby.

A legend says that it is also possible to see Mount Fuji on sunny days. We can not confirm this theory, since we have not seen it.

What we thought of Asahi Sky Room

The view is unobstructed from the 22nd floor of Asahi Super Dry Building. Asahi Sky Room is the perfect place to watch the sun set over Tokyo.

One boy, two cups.
One boy, two cups.

Furthermore, the price of beers is a little more expensive than in izakaya. Count a little more than 600 yen for 33cl. Just remember that you pay for a package: the beverage and the unconventional framework.

How to get to Asahi Sky Room

Asahi Sky Room is located on the 22nd floor of Asahi Super Dry Building. Two metro stations are nearby:

  • Asakusa, with Asakusa, Ginza, Nikko-Kinugawa, Skytree, Ryomo and Tsukuba Express lines.
  • Honjozumabashi, with Asakusa line.

There is a walking distance between Senso-ji temple and Asahi Sky Room. You just need to cross the Sumida River by one of its many bridges.

The Asahi Sky Room bar is open daily from 10 am to 10pm. Yes… This is not a place where you can end your evening. But, nothing prevents you to see the sun set here.

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